At Rainier Ave Dental, we understand the importance of a confident smile. That’s why we’re proud to offer expert gum-reshaping services to our valued patients. Whether you’re dealing with excess gum tissue, uneven gum lines, or simply wish to improve the aesthetics of your smile, our skilled team is here to help.

What is Gum Reshaping?

Gum reshaping, also known as gum contouring, is a dental procedure typically performed by periodontists to enhance the aesthetics of your gums. It addresses various concerns, such as a “gummy smile,” which can give the appearance of short or boxy teeth or an irregular gum line characterized by uneven heights. Through gum contouring, excess gum tissue is skillfully removed to create a more uniform and balanced smile.

Benefits of Gum Contouring

Gum contouring provides a range of both medical and cosmetic advantages. Primarily, reshaping the gum line enhances one’s smile while also serving to prevent potential dental complications. Here are the specific benefits associated with this procedure:

  • Evening the Gum Line: An uneven gum line can create the illusion of crooked teeth. In cases where braces aren’t deemed necessary by the dentist, contouring offers a solution. By balancing and smoothing out the gum line, it can enhance the overall symmetry of the smile.
  • Reducing Excess Gum Tissue: Excess gum tissue often leads to a “gummy” smile and can also obscure the natural color of the teeth. Through contouring, this surplus tissue is skillfully removed, resulting in a brighter smile and a more vibrant appearance.
  • Combatting Tooth Decay: Reshaping the gum line plays a significant role in preventing tooth decay. Excessive gum tissue tends to trap food particles, making proper cleaning more challenging. This trapped debris fosters bacterial growth, ultimately contributing to tooth decay. By eliminating excess gum tissue, gum contouring facilitates more effective oral hygiene and reduces the risk of decay.

Am I the Right Candidate for Gum Reshaping?

Patients often pay close attention to the appearance of their teeth but may overlook the significant impact that gums have on the overall look of their smile. When considering whether gum contouring therapy could improve your smile, take a moment to ask yourself:

  • Do my teeth appear shorter or smaller than I’d like?
  • Do my gums show prominently when I smile?
  • Is my gum line irregular or uneven?
  • Would I describe my smile as “gummy”?

If you find yourself answering “yes” to any of these questions, gum reshaping treatment may offer the solution you seek. This procedure is suitable for most patients with good oral health who have excess gum tissue. Moreover, individuals undergoing treatments like dental crowns or porcelain veneers can also benefit from gum contouring, as it can significantly enhance the overall aesthetic harmony of their smile.

Gum Reshaping Procedure

Gum reshaping offers nearly instant results and is a straightforward procedure. Prior to your gum contouring treatment, Our dentists will meticulously discuss each phase to tailor the technique to your specific needs. It’s crucial to note that once the excess tissue is removed, it does not regenerate. To ensure lasting outcomes, they’ll delicately remove a small portion of the bone surrounding the tooth’s neck if necessary.

Our cosmetic gum reshaping specialist at Rainier Ave Dental employs various methods, including scalpels, lasers, or radiosurgery, to achieve a balanced, harmonious, and symmetrical outcome based on your requirements. We administer a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area, ensuring a painless experience. Additionally, we offer personalized recommendations for your post-procedural recovery.

For many patients, gum reshaping is just one facet of their comprehensive smile transformation. At Rainier Ave Dental, we seamlessly integrate gum contouring with a range of other cosmetic dental treatments, like porcelain veneers or crowns, all under one roof. Our team adopts a cohesive approach to realizing your ideal smile, with specialized experts overseeing each procedure.

Gum Reshaping Aftercare

Gum reshaping involves a recovery process that patients should be aware of. On the day of the surgery, it’s important for someone to accompany the patient to and from the appointment as anesthesia will be administered. Additionally, the patient should plan to rest for the remainder of the day to aid in the healing process.

Following the procedure, patients may experience some soreness and swelling around the gums. Over-the-counter pain relievers can help manage discomfort and swelling. However, it’s crucial to avoid aspirin as it can potentially increase bleeding.

During the recovery period, patients should be cautious about their dietary choices. Foods that are crunchy, spicy, difficult to chew, or contain nuts or seeds should be avoided. Instead, sticking to soft, cool foods is recommended to minimize the risk of complications. Examples of suitable foods include applesauce, pasta, eggs, soft vegetables, mashed potatoes, yogurt, and pudding.

Maintaining proper oral hygiene is essential for reducing the risk of complications. Patients will receive specific instructions from their dentist regarding brushing techniques and oral care practices. Extra care should be taken until full recovery, which typically takes about a week or longer.

Gum Reshaping in South Seattle, MO

Once we’ve completed your gum reshaping procedure, you may consider further enhancing your smile with additional cosmetic dentistry treatments:

  • Teeth Whitening: Choose between our convenient in-office treatment or opt for our at-home whitening kit to achieve a dazzling, bright smile.
  • Tooth Bonding: Address minor imperfections such as chips, cracks, pits, or worn teeth in just one visit with our tooth bonding treatment.
  • Invisalign: Straighten your misaligned smile comfortably and discreetly with our clear plastic aligners.

Our gum reshaping service effectively eliminates a gummy smile, providing swift and comfortable results. Contact Rainier Ave Dental today at (206) 725-3667 to arrange a consultation and take the first step toward your dream smile.


Does gum contouring hurt?

Your dentist will provide local anesthesia to ensure you remain comfortable throughout the procedure. It’s typical to experience some discomfort following any surgical treatment, but your dentist will recommend medications to ease any side effects during your recovery period.

Is gum lift or gum contouring covered by insurance?

Gum lift or gum contouring is commonly seen as a cosmetic procedure and is usually not included in insurance coverage. However, some insurance plans may provide coverage for the treatment costs if it is deemed medically necessary.

How do I know if gum lift or gum contouring is right for me?

If you find yourself unhappy with the appearance of your smile due to excessive gum tissue or an irregular gum line, gum lift or gum contouring may offer the ideal solution. Contact our office today to explore the best treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.