Dental implants are small titanium posts that are used to replace one or more missing teeth. They are surgically placed in the jawbone using precise tools and smile preview technology. Over time, the implants fuse with the jawbone to provide a stable, permanent foundation for tooth restorations to attach to the gum line.

In addition to improving the appearance of your smile, dental implants restore the functionality of your teeth. Dental implants are comfortable, durable, convenient, and allow patients to eat, speak, and smile again. If you’re in search of a durable, natural-looking method for tooth replacement, dental implants have you covered!

We also offer the following dental procedures to help you have a beautiful and confidant smile at our Rainier Avenue Seattle office:

    • Implant Supported Dentures
    • Tooth Extractions or Removals
    • Bone Graft
    • Bridges
    • Conventional Dentures 
    • Custom Night Guards
    • Sleep Appliances

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From tooth extractions to bone grafts, our team at Rainier Ave Dental in Hillman City can help. We conveniently offer oral surgery options to patients right from our dental office in Hillman City & Columbia City, S. Seattle.

Tooth Extractions or Removals

At Rainier Ave Dental, our S. Seattle dentists, Drs. Kim & Kim,  may recommend tooth extractions for a tooth that is badly decayed, abscessed, affected by serious gum disease or other oral health concerns. If a tooth extraction or removal is necessary, Drs. Kim & Kim will work with you to ensure the procedure is as comfortable as possible.

When does a tooth need to be removed?

Although our first choice is to repair a tooth to prevent a tooth removal, sometimes a tooth is too badly damage to be saved. If the tooth has a large amount of decay, or has been badly broken, and can’t support a dental restoration like a crown, a tooth extraction may be necessary.

Will a tooth extraction be painful?

Our team at Rainier Ave Dental strives to make your treatments as comfortable as possible, especially oral surgery like tooth removals or extractions. If you are anxious about oral surgery, talk to us – we offer services for anxious patients like nitrous oxide.

The first step in a tooth removal is to place a local anesthetic to the area surrounding your tooth so that you will be numb while your tooth is extracted. The dentist will then carefully remove the tooth using precise instruments. If anything become uncomfortable our staff will be listening and ready to help make you more comfortable.

Tooth extraction after-care

Taking proper care of your mouth after a tooth removal is important.

Our team will explain the aftercare needed for your specific treatment, but there are some simple steps you can follow after a tooth extraction to prevent future problems:

  • Take your pain medicine as recommended by your dentist
  • Leave the gauze in place for at least 3 hours (or as instructed by your care team)
  • Apply an ice pack to the area
  • Take it easy for the next 24 hours and limit strenuous activity for the next few days
  • Don’t use a straw, rinse or spit for the next 24 hours to avoid dislodging a blood clot (unless instructed otherwise)
  • Avoid smoking
  • Try to sleep as flat as possible that night, avoid propping up your head with extra pillows

Eating soft foods after your extraction like ice cream, pudding, soups, apple sauce and smoothies will allow you to heal quicker. You can slowly add solid foods back into your diet – just follow your post-surgical treatment plan.

Bone Grafts

Dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth, however not everyone has enough strong bone to support a dental implant. When this is the case, Drs Kim & Kim may suggest a bone graft – to replace missing bone or provide a stronger base for your dental implant.

What is a bone graft?

If our dentists have determined that your jaw bone can’t currently support a dental implant, a bone graft may be an option. Using sterilized bone granules, they will fill the area where the dental implant will be inserted. Once the area has had time to heal, and for new bone to grow, they can perform the dental implant surgery.
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